Welcome to mynewtpress a new publishing venture established by John Darwell with the aim of bringing interesting and thought-provoking photography to a wider international audience. 

The project is still very much in its infancy, so where it goes will largely depend on how it is received and what I can do within the financial constraints of the medium (and my financial situation!). Essentially I hope to produce books that are interesting, well designed and have something interesting to say. Also to raise awareness of interesting books that are out there so a blog/review site will be developed where writers will be invited to review new books as they become available. 

Ideally, what I want it to be is a small publisher that produces limited edition book runs that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  Initially of my own work but hopefully as things develop to involve other practitioners. 

As with all (?) photography books (and I collect many!) the aim is to produce not only a interesting book but also something that is an object in its own right. 

A case of this kind is the first mynewtpress publication DDSBs .  The hardback book contains forty images of discarded dog sh*t bags seen when out walking my dogs. The rationale behind this work is....why?   Why go to the trouble of bagging the poop then dumping it?

Rather than repeat myself details of the book can be found elsewhere on this site. Each copy comes in its own dog poo bag complete with stickers and is in a limited run of 200 signed and numbered copies. See images that follow this text. 

Future books are in the pipeline and we hope to publish at some point the work of other photographers. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the site and the images and that you feel as excited by the potential of mynewtpress as I do.   It’s all slightly daunting at this stage but lets see where it goes.

If you have any questions please contact me on the above link and do come back to see how we are developing. 

Best for now. John